Singing is good for you!

  1. It reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood stream and releases muscle tension.
  2. It increases blood oxygen levels increasing mental alertness, concentration & memory
  3. It releases endorphins ‘happy hormones’ making you feel good!
  4. It strengthens the immune system
  5. It boosts confidence
  6. It improves communication skills and
  7. It uses both sides of the brain at once giving it a thorough workout!

With all these benefits available why not contact Sing4Life to find out more

About Sing4Life and Helen Gallagher

Helen is a Member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians and Association of Teachers of Singing and has been singing publicly since she was 5. She has sung with choirs and fronted function bands, performed as a session singer in the studio and sung on live recordings. From show tunes to arias and small intimate venues to showground arenas; Helen has lots of real-world experience to share with students.

She loves helping singers discover they can do so much more with their voice than they thought and you’ll learn good technique in a relaxed and encouraging environment to help you make the best of your voice and has launch Sing4Life in the UK to cover all aspects of her music teaching.

Here’s what one of her pupils says:

“I absolutely LOVE my singing lessons with Helen. I’ve tried a few different teachers and even tried Rock Choir but all of them left me feeling a little unsure of myself and I used to get stressed and nervous about going. Now with Helen each lesson is a blast! I can’t believe my progress… It’s made singing fun again and I go home flying high I can’t recommend them highly enough”, T


  • whether you are an individual starting out, want to sing for fun want to take exams or want to improve your vocal technique, increase your stamina or learn how to harmonise…
  • whether you want to sing in a Classical, Contemporary Rock and Pop or Musical Theatre style

Contact Helen at Sing4Life to find out more

Helen has also worked with:

  • people who have certain types of lung conditions (and breathing issues as a result)
  • people who have a fear of singing in public
  • the elderly; for whom singing has not only brought phsyical health benefits but also enabled them to find community and have fun
  • children’s choirs; helping them grow in confidence and lay good musical foundations for the future

Contact Helen at Sing4Life to find out more