Duke of Edinburgh Award Skills

The Skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award encourages the development of personal interests and practical and social skills.

Singing as a DofE Award Skill

In order to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award skills section you need to study your chosen skill for a number of months. Helen offers stand-alone singing courses that meet all the necessary requirements for the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Opera superstar Katherine Jenkins achieved her Silver Award – and   unsurprisingly did singing for her Skills section, studying for her Associated Board of Music Singing Exams – getting a higher grade for her Silver than Bronze.

What will you do during the course?

By way of example, the twelve-week (three month) Bronze Award course covers;

  • Discovering your vocal range
  • Learning better breath control
  • Increasing your stamina
  • Improving your technique
  • Learning one or two songs that you will be able to perform
  • Having fun!

Getting started

Whichever course you’re considering, Helen recommends that you come along for a consultation lesson (which does not form part of the course). Singing in front a complete stranger can be quite daunting so these sessions are an informal ‘trial’ lesson during which time you and Helen will have chance to get to know each other a little better.

It’s also an opportunity to chat about what you want to gain from the course; what style(s) of music you would prefer to work with, your musical experience so far and how you would prefer to measure your progress.

Helen normally invites people coming for a consultation lesson to bring a prepared song of their own choice to sing and you will also be asked to sing some simple vocal exercises; this is to help with setting your starting point and identifying the best ways to help you develop from there.

At the end of the course

You will receive a signed certificate of completion.

“Helen has a natural ability to relate to others and draw out their voice in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. My butterflies just few away and I found a new confidence. I would highly recommend teaming up with Helen to guide you through the Duke of Edinburgh skill section. She will help you explore your inner musical self at any level!” [E – a former DofE Award student]

What will lessons be like?

Lessons will last for 1 hour and during the first few weeks Helen will check your posture. After this lessons will start with some technical exercises. Though this may sound scary it really isn’t. These exercise are designed to improve your breathing support, vocal technique and increase your range and stamina.

After the technical exercises the rest of the lesson is dedicated to the performance piece(s). Helen will help you choose song(s) that you’ll enjoy singing and will suit your voice.

Song Style Choices

Choices can be made from a number of different styles for the performance piece, for example:

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Musical Theatre
  • Rock and Pop

How much does it cost?

  • Preliminary discussion (45 mins) = £20.00
  • Subsequent lessons (1 hour) = £30.00 per lesson

Total Course Fees for the

  • three month course = £380.00
  • six month course = £760.00
  • one year course = £1,520.00

Contact Helen at Sing4Life to find out more