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Terms of Use

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Exclusion of Liability

While I try as hard as I can to make sure that content on my site is accurate and complete I can’t guarantee that there’ll be no mistakes or omissions.

This site is hosted with TMDHosting but they (and therefore I) can’t promise that the site will always be available – so that means I can’t accept liability for any loss or damage that you may experience if the site isn’t here when you expect it to be.

The internet is a great resource but, like any tool, it’s open to deliberate or careless misuse. So, in the same way you are responsible for looking where you’re going when you take a walk down the street (out there, in the real world; you take full responsibility for looking where you’re going on the internet – you access this site at your own risk.

I can’t accept responsibility for any loss or damage that results from changes made to my site without my knowledge or permission (some folk just seem to get a kick out of messing up other people’s work rather than creating something of their own).


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Prohibited Use

You agree not to use my site for any illegal purpose, not to use it in a way that would interfere with other peoples’ use of it, and not to make any changes to the site.

Comment Policy

  • I will moderate comments
  • I will reject comments including content (or links to sites containing content) that I find offensive. The list currently includes (but is not limited to)
  • pornography
  • drugs
  • gambling
  • payday loans
  • incitement to hate or violence
  • spam
  • affiliate links that add nothing more to the conversation
  • I will edit, censor or reject comments that include foul language

Linked Sites

My site may contain links to other sites not owned or managed by me. These links will be included in good faith to give you access to more information – that does not mean that I endorse everything you may find on those sites and I take no responsibility for content that appears on linked sites.

Affiliate Links

I occasionally use ‘Affiliate Links’ because I genuinely hope that they make the site more useful and save you some time if you want to check out a product or service I’ve mentioned. However, participation in these programmes does not influence either the subject matter or the content of this site.

Privacy, Confidentiality & Cookies

I am committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. You can use this site without having to provide any personal information but please read the site Privacy Policy to understand what information I do collect, and how I collect, use and protect any personal information that you do choose to provide.
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Governing Law & Jurisdiction

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Changes to these Terms & Conditions

Changes to the site, including our Terms and Conditions, are subject to change without prior notification.