Vocal First Aid

A vocal problem can be a scary time for any singer…

Helen understands how frightening the experience of suffering a vocal problem can be and how support from a qualified vocal specialist can really help with the anxiety that goes with that. 

Helen is a qualified Vocal First Aider and has:

• An understanding of vocal health and the factors that can affect vocal wellbeing

• Practical skills to spot the signs of a range of vocal dysfunction and imbalance

• Knowledge to help someone towards recovery by a) guiding them in self-management, or b) passing them on to further support, whether that is specialist vocal rehabilitation coaching or clinical treatment

 • An understanding of how to prevent vocal health issues from occurring in the workplace

What does it cost?

An initial consult is free, however if you wish to continue with lessons thereafter Helen charges her usual teaching rate.

To find out more get in touch, contact Helen at Sing4Life